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Liaisoning Consultancy Services

Registration, compliances and Liasioning with DISH, MPCB, Central and State Labour office etc under their respective various acts.

Ensuring the adherence to the labour laws of the country is the fundamental duty of any organisation and also helps in avoiding any legal hassles due to the non-compliance.We at Deepak Shasam and Associates - Liasoning Services Provider in PUNE REGION, help you avoid such a scenario through a dedicated team of skilled legal eagles. We study the existing dynamics of the organisation and accordingly make recommendations to suit the word of the law. Also we update you with any changes to the law by the government to ensure that you always remain compliant.

We also help you with the application and procurement of the various licenses and certifications required from the government to run your business hassle-free. We help you in delivering a proper application in accordance to the rules for the application and generation of business license, registrations and NOCs from the various branches of the government both state as well as central and also the relevant municipal authorities. Get in touch with us for Liasoning Services .

HR Recruitment Consultant Services

Specialized HR recruitment service provided by our companies lets your breathe easily. We provide HR service for a wide range of companies across various domains efficiently meeting all the requisite criteria. We are one among leading HR specialists known for our dexterity in handling responsibilities and complex issues of recruiting, hiring, and managing efficient employee data base. We know the present scenario of business organization where they need people having skill sets in multiple verticals who are efficient to meet the objectives of the company successfully. The zeal and determination of an employee decides the fate of the company in a long run. Specialized services are provided by the HR team. Our expert professionals acts as

  • HR consultant/Business partner
  • HR Manager/Director/General Manager
  • Advisor/HR Coordinator
  • We play significant role in the Education field
  • Learning consultant
  • Learning Manager
  • Instructional Designer
  • OD consultant

We are specialized HR recruitment agency provide efficient services in recruitment consultancy, talent acquisition and talent manager. As experienced HR recruitment consultants we take privilege to tell you that we are known for our abilities in identifying suitable talents and developing position description, planning and implementing recruitment strategies. We are also experts in executing recruitment documents for our clients. We serve across a wide spectrum of domains.

Hire our expert professionals for the following roles
  • Hiring Manager
  • Service Centre Co-ordinator
  • Organizational human resource person
  • Human resource classification Analyst
  • Human resources recruitment Analyst
  • Search committee
  • Affirmative action and compliance
  • Equal Employment and affirmative action
  • Affirmative action and compliance officer

Hiring is not at a simple task as often mistaken by the organization. An extensive, efficient recruitment service requires thorough combing and searching. We maintain wide data base with frequent updating always maintaining track of perfect employees and job seekers list ready to recruit.
We focus on the objectives of our clients and act accordingly often surpassing their expectation by providing efficient recruitment service in record timings. We provide induction training as per the requirements of our clients. Customized services are provided based on the request of specific organizations.
We are also experts in providing HR advisory services. We understand the constraints and abilities of expert and experienced employees and match them with the prospective employers thus maintain coordination between employers and employees effectively.

Our clients are satisfied with our service in the fields of

  • Compensation and classification
  • Conflict management
  • Disability management
  • Faculty and staff assistance program
  • Performance management

HR Advisory Services

Success of any organization majorly depends upon the initiative and attitudes of their employees. Whenever you enter into the premises of any business organization if you observe the behaviour of employees you can easily guess the future of the company. Retaining efficient employees in the mainstream enhances emotional and psychological factors and strengthens the bondage, which is highly essential for the development of an organization. In order to achieve this specific requirement an organization should have able HR advisory services at their disposal.

How Expertise HR Advisory Service helps in the Retention of Capable Employees?

  • They will provide guidelines by identifying honest and capable employees who are good at
  • Understanding the objectives of the company and thrive to achieve the goals
  • They maintain harmonious relationship with those around so that stress free environment is created promoting comfortable work ambiance
  • They provide transparent and true feedback and provide necessary support
  • They are recognized and awarded for their hard work and achievement thus motivates other workers to take active part in the organization.

The HR Company offers very good employee retention program by carefully scrutinizing information and provide the custom built strategies that are unique and industry specific employee retention program.

Talented and experience HR service providers help you in the following fields so that organizations get benefits from the multiple verticals of administration. They offer services in the major areas where one may find ample chances of employee attrition. This can be avoided successfully when they implement HR services in the areas of

  • Recognition and rewarding strategy
  • Broad basis pay analysis
  • Development of comprehensive pay structure
  • Scalable Incentive program and compensation survey
  • Pay equity analysis
  • Data solutions
Implementation of these techniques is possible only if the team works closely with the leaders while designing these programs and there should be a good executive compensation program with a goal to achieve the objectives of the company in comprehensive manner with a positive attitude. The present scenario for any business is full of challenges due to ever changing economies demands efficient HR services gearing up to support and create dynamic business modules. Even though the objective of having HR team in an organization is to recruit efficient employees, it is not limited since the attention and focus is always on continuous development of an organization their role becomes highly complex and integrated. The focus is always on training, retaining and make them thrive ahead for the long term goals generating revenues through the good performance of employees.

Payroll Management Services

One of the important and complex works in any company for the HR department is the management of the employee's salary. It is not a simple payment system, it is a complicated system where many parameters need to be observed to prepare a salary statement. Payroll outsourcing services allows companies to save time, money and energy spent on these issues and they can concentrate on other significant resource generating works of the company. Payroll services India is a booming industry where clients get a number of benefits at an affordable cost.

Customized payroll and HR software development allows to provide client specific solutions that are unique and innovative. Payroll service providers understand the intricate payroll system are diverse. Nowadays experts are available to manage every type of work and Payroll outsourcing services provider offers multiple advantages to the client companies. Online payroll management offers an extensive service with an efficient use of payroll calculator.
Outsourcing assists you independence to cater your attention to other useful works. Affordable service extended by expert professionals with years of experience with an assured of assistance in the income tax monitoring. Clients get reliable and trusted service with foolproof paperwork and documentation. Services are provided in compliance with the labor laws, tax regulations, and government regulations.

Why choose Deepak Shasam and Associates for Payroll Services

 Of all the good payroll outsourcing companies in PUNE REGION, we certainly feature among the top few. We have in our team experienced professionals who have been taking care of several aspects of payroll system for more than decades. Every client is important to us and to every client we provide:

  • On time payroll – taking care all the aspects of salary payment
  • Freedom from lengthy payroll processes every month
  • Affordable services
  • Professional, updated and guaranteed assistance with Income Tax
  • More free time to invest in business or in life
  • Fool-proof and fraud-proof paper handling
  • Updated and latest version of payroll software
  • Services that are in tune with latest tax tables, labour laws, government regulations etc.
  • Highly confidential and secured services

In modern times, a business can run well only when it is powered by smart moves. And Payroll outsourcing services in India is one such smart move that is fast catching up.

With just one clever decision, you can save yourself time, money and a lot of headache every month. Availing the services of a professional and trusted payroll outsourcing company like Deepak Shasam and Associates is less like an expense and more like an investment

HR Policy Manual Review and Policy Drafting Services

HR Policy Review Manual & Policy Drafting, One of the most important issues that you must need to handle carefully to drive your business on the way to success is to manage the human resource of your company. Utilizing the manpower in the proper way is quite important for the prosperity of a business and making an organized plan is quite important to serve this purpose. Now, if you want to utilize the manpower of your company to its fullest, you must follow an ideal employment management policy that will make sure that you can get maximum benefit from your workforce.

Set an Effective Employment Management Policy Review

When your concern is to set an effective employment management policy, you should trust on no one but Deepak Shasam and Associates for HR Policy manual& Policy Drafting. We are a human resource consultant firm that is located in the capital of India, PUNE REGION. Our firm can be distinguished than any other human resource management company in India because we provide

  • Efficient as well as useful workforce solutions that will surely help your business to run more smoothly
  • Unique Policy drafting that can help you to draw maximum benefits from your business.

These are the reasons why our firm has got establish as one of the best human resource management agencies in India.

How can Deepak Shasam and Associates Help in Policy Review & Drafting?

Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding employment management. Following these rules is quite important for the wellbeing of your business as the violation of these laws can bring ill consequences in your business as well as on your reputation. The Policy drafts that we provide comprise each and every law that is mandatory to maintain in India. So, once you need to avail the policy drafts, you can be sure to

  • cover all the legal issues while assuring your own benefit from it
  • avoid any legal penalty that may hamper your reputation

Hence, it will right to call the policy drafts as the complete package that will help you to gain more benefit from your business.

Legal Consultancy Services

Legal consultancy services assist companies in the maintenance of the legal matters such as Legal compliance audit, Legal compliance solutions. One of the most important issues to run a successful business is to have a proper workforce management because no matter, what a unique business policy you are undertaking or how much effort you are giving to run your company, the necessity of utilizing the workforce in the proper way is incomparable to anything. Human resource takes a great role in the success of your business and if you want to get the best idea to utilize the workforce of your company to its fullest, you must contact A Legal Consultants Firm,Deepak Shasam and Associates, which is one the most renowned legal consultants firms in India.

Deepak Shasam and Associates Helps You to Avoid Legal Issues

Once you are running a business, it is quite important to follow the rules and regulations of your country for the wellbeing of your business because following the law in the right way definitely helps you to enhance the prosperity of your business and to avoid any penalty as well. Just like the other rules, following all the rules relating to the implementation of man force is equally important and Deepak Shasam and Associates is the platform that provides you complete legal advice and legal compliance management system and solutions regarding the recruitment process of your company.

Ensure Safety of your Organization Through Our Legal Consultancy

It is quite evident that everyone would have proper knowledge on the labour laws even if he running his own company and as a result of this unawareness, sometimes people make the mistake of violating laws.Thats why taking a proficient advice is quite important and once you contact Deepak Shasam and Associates for legal compliance solution,you can be sure to,
  • avoid any legal issues that can bring ill consequences to your business
  • keep your good reputation in the market
Our highly qualified Legal Consultants provide useful legal advice and solutions to solve your any problem regarding labor laws and rules. Thus, the legal consultancy services assure the well being as well as the safety of your organization.

 Be Sure To Get Expected Result From Your Workforce

A large number  of company owners face the problem of not gaining expected result even though they have a sufficient number of employees in their company. We provide the best proffesional solution to solve your every problem regarding workforce.As a leading legal consultant firm in PUNE REGION,India, We assure that

  • You get the expected result from your workforce
  • Your company does not suffer due to the failure of using manpower appropriately.
Legal Consultants provides you the clear picture about the workforce utilization of your company. Hence, you will be to able to find out any drawback of your work process quite easily while getting proper guidance about how to avoid any legal issue regarding your employee recruitment and workforce management



We Provide Wide Range of Services Under Various Applicable Statutory and Regulatory Acts

ACT, 1948


The Factory Act, 1948 lays
down guidelines mentioning the way a factory must operate for the safety and health of its workers.. We at DSA HR LEGAL CONSULTING provide the finest consultancy services to the businesses which are covered and regulated under the Factory Act, 1948. 
We provide expert consultancy regarding the regulation of working condition like working hours, holidays along with the assurance of complete provision regarding the welfare, health and safety of the workers as per the government policies. 

The expert and dedicated Employees of DSA HR LEGAL CONSULTING. ensures the proper adherence to the

protocol set by the government along with the maintenance of all the reports and records by the company, as required under the Factories Act, 1948



Being the owner of any business or factory, it is not possible to know and understand each and every
law set by the government. However, in the case of any small breach, it may attract heavy penalties along with legal proceeding too. 
Thus, the DSA HR LEGAL CONSULTING. provides the best consultancy services from the most experienced and professional staffs to ensure the proper functioning of the work and ensure

compliances, as required as per the factories Act, 1948 and other laws, as may be applicable from time to time.


Below is the list of different services provided by us: –

• Registration of the
factory along with getting the factory license from the concerned department.
• Creation, maintenance and submission of all kind of statutory records,
returns etc. as per the Factories Act, 1948.
• Ensuring that all the compliances are done as per the government issued
• Smother operation of the business.

Along with this, we also
maintain and submit all kind of records regarding returns, registers along with
reports required under the said Act. We make sure that the Owner of the Factory
is aware of any kind of changes, amendment or update in the laws and guidelines,
so that they can operate smoothly and effectively.

Factory Registration and
obtaining Factory Licence from the Department. Maintenance and submission of
the following statutory Records / Returns etc. under Factories act, 1948



• Factories Act ,
1948 Form no. 34

• Payment of Wages Act, 1936 Form IV-A
• Minimum Wages Act & Rules Form No. III
• Workmen’s compensation Act Annual Return
• Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 L.M.N.
• Half Yearly return Form No. 22 REGISTERS
• Register of White washing in Form No. 7 (Prescribed under
rule 18.

• Register of leave with wages in Form No. 15 (Prescribed
under rule 94).

• Register of Accident & Dangerous Occurences in Form 26
(Prescribed under rule III).

• Register of Wages in From No. 17. (Computerised)
• Muster roll in Form No. 25 (Prescribed under rule 110) will
be maintaned by the factory.

• Wages Slips in From No. 19 (Computerised). TESTING REPORTS

• Report of Examination of Vessels in From 8 (Annual).
• Report of Hoist of Lifts in From No. 7B (Annual).
• Testing & Examination of pressure vessel in From No. 8
in respect of steam Generator / Steam Presses. (Annual).

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Sed Fringilla Mauris Sit Amet Nibh. Donec Sodales Sagittis Magna. Sed Consequat, Leo Eget Bibendum, Sodales, Augue Velit Cursus Nunc, Quis Gravida Magna Mi A Libero.


Being the owner of any business or factory, it is not possible to know and understand each and every
law set by the government. However, in the case of any small breach, it may attract heavy penalties along with legal proceeding too. 
Thus, the DSA HR LEGAL CONSULTING. provides the best consultancy services from the most experienced and professional staffs to ensure the proper functioning of the work and ensure

compliances, as required as per the fire safety  and other laws, as may be applicable from time to time.

Guidelines for FIRE NOC

·      Architect Completion Certificate.

·      ‘A’ Form from fire license agency.

·      List of fire fighting appliances installed by the

·      Payments slip of Fire Cess Charges.

·      Work Completion letter from Developer / Builder.

·      Letter of installation of fire fighting appliances
from fire license agency.

·      Provisional fire NOC.

·      Provisional drawing sanctioned from fire

·      Fire resistance door installation certificate.

·      Challan of fire pumps (Xerox Copy)

·      Lift inspection certificate.

·      Challan of D.G. sets.

·      Commencement Certificate obtained from Building
Permission Section.

·      Photographs of fire fighting appliances.


The Contract Labour
Act was started with the goal to bring equal rights and regulations for the
contractual workers. Usually, the working regulations of contract labour are
different from the direct workers. Their employment relationship and the method
of payment are also different as they are not paid directly by the Company.
This labour are hired, managed and paid by the contractor.

So being a business
owner, if your business hires contractor and contract employees, you have to
follow the guidelines and different regulations of the Contract Labour Act.

CONSULTING., you can give your complete focus on the direct affairs of the
business rather than learning and finding out about the different laws and
regulations. We have the team of the most expert professionals who provide a
complete assistance regarding all kind of legal affairs and payroll processing
of the company.

With over 6 years
of experience in the market, DSA HR LEGAL CONSULTING. has become one of the leading
companies in Daund,Pune Dist. The expert staffs provide the complete
consultancy about the regulations to operate the business as per the Contract
Labour (R&A) Act, 1970 for a hassle free business. They also provide the
service of creating, maintaining and submission of all kind of required
documents, registers and forms as per the policies of Contract (Regulation
& Abolition) Labour Act, 1970 read along with Contract Labour (Regulation
& Abolition) Central Rules, 1971.



• Registration of
establishment and obtaining of certificate under Sec. 7 of the act.
• Register of contractors in Form XII.
• Register of contractors in Form XII.



• Licence of
contractor under CLRA.
• Register of contract Labours in Form XIII.
• Employment card in Form No. XIV.
• Muster Roll & Register of wages in Form XVI & Form XVII respectively.
• Register of deduction for damages or loss, Register of fine and Register of
advance in form No. XX, Form No. XXI & Form No. XXII respectively.
• Register of overtime in form No. XXIII.
• Wages slips in Form No. XIX.
• Display an abstract of the act and rules in English and Hindi.
• Display notice showing rates of wages, hours of works, wages period, dates of
payment, name and address of the inspector in English and Hindi.
• Notice of commencement/completion of contract work in Form No. 6 (B).
• Half yearly return in Form No. 24.




As per the Minimum Wages Act 1948, all the companies in India needs to pay specified minimum wages to specified category of labour/ Employee, as notified by the Labour Law department, from time to time . It makes it mandatory for the Employers to pay the minimum wages fixed under the Minimum Wages Act 1948.

Both the Central Government and State Government has the authority to review and fix Minimum wages, along with enforcing the rules to the Employers operating under their jurisdiction. We at DSA HR LEGAL CONSULTING. Provide the complete service of consultancy and other assistance to the business for a smoother operation.



We make, maintain and submit all kind of required reports and registers as per the guidelines like:-


• Maintenance of wage registers in Form No. X
• Preparation of over time registers in Form No. IV
• Preparation of Muster Roll in Form No. V
• Preparation and distribution of wages slip in Form No. XI
• Preparation of Annual Return Form-III and others.
• Provide complete assistance regarding the operation of the business as per the regulations.
• We provide regular consultancy service to the business about any kind of updates related to the Minimum Wages Act 1948.

Accordion Content

The Employees’ Provident Fund Act, 1952

Compliance under the Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 read along with the Employees’ Provident Funds Scheme, 1952

EPF or Employee Provident Fund is an initiative of the government for the proper care of the employees and to ensure their social security. As per the Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, EPF Registration is mandatory for each and every hired Employee.

The EPF Registration needs to be done for every single Employee, a Company/ business hires along with the monthly adjustment of the PF in the account. DSA HR LEGAL CONSULTING. provides a complete solution for EPF Online Registration, which provides a great assistance to the business owners to keep their focus on the other jobs of the business rather spending hours for the management of the EPF.


With DSA HR LEGAL CONSULTING., you will get the complete solution for your requirements under the EPF like: –

• Online registration of the business under the EPF Act, 1952 along with getting the required code number.
• Filling up and submission of all kind of necessary forms and application as per the EPF Act, 1952 or provident fund act 1952.
• Maintenance of all the required registers and records along with employee data.
• Providing all kind of necessary records and papers to the employers and the employees.
• Attending inspection and ensuring a smoother process.
• Informing the business about the latest changes and updates under the Act.
Compliance under the Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 read along with the Employees’ Provident Funds Scheme, 1952
• Online Registration of establishment under EPF Act, 1952 & obtaining Code No
• Nomination & Declaration Forms in Form No. 2 (Revised) of the new employees.
• Form No. 9 (Revised)
• Specimen Signature.
• Form No. 11(Revised).
• Form No. 5A (Return of ownership)
• Statement IW-1 (International Workers)
• Eligibility Register
• Soft copy of data in “CSV” file format as per requirement of RPFC.
• Online registration of employer under Employer e-Sewa as per latest notification.
• Online uploading ECR file and generating monthly EPF challan thru EPFO portal
• Online submission of Monthly/Annual return in Form 5, 10,12A, 3A & 6A
• Uploading of Digital Signature of Authorised person in OTCP portal of EPFO.
• Generation of UAN for new joiner under the Scheme.
• Updation of KYC data of members in EPFO web portal and distribution of UAN
• Assist in approval of online claim transfer and KYC details.
• Assist in PF withdrawal, Advances & Transfer claims of the members.
• To assist in providing Member E-Passbook & Annual PF Account slips.
• To attend Inspection at the time of visit of Enforcement Officer
• To make compliance in respect of any notice issued by EPFO
• To attend hearing under section 7A & 7B, 7Q & 14B cases
• To intimate the management regarding latest amendments under the Act.
• Correspondence/Liaison with P.F Department




The professional tax is the amount of tax collected by the State Government of India. Any individual who is working and earning income from salary, business or any kind of profession is liable to pay “Tax”. Different states in the country have different rules in the collection of the amount as per the (State) Professional Tax Act.


The Professional Tax is similar to income tax, however, the income tax is collected by the Central Government whereas, Professional Tax is collected by the State Government. At the beginning, when this law was first introduced, Rs. 250/- was the maximum amount to be collected in 1949,, but the slab was soon increased to Rs. 2,500/- by the year 1988.

Since last few years, the State Government is pursuing the Central Government to increase the maximum limit of the professional tax slab but, it is yet to be implemented. The amount of deduction as per the Tax Act Professional differs in the different states of India.



We offer a complete 360-degree services to all kind of requirements of a business. Being the best service provider for HR and Payroll processing, we deliver the best services and consultation.

Our expert and dedicated professionals provide all kind of required assistance and service like

• Maintenance of the following records as per the (State) Professional Tax Act.
• Complete formality to register the business under the applicable Professional Tax Act along with obtaining a license.
• As per the slab provided by the respective Professional Tax Act, we complete the formality of deduction of monthly/quarterly/ half yearly and annual professional tax.
• Depositing the professional tax return along with challan as per the given format.
• Providing regular updates and changes in the amendment under the (State)Professional Tax Act.

E.S.I.Act. (The Employee State Insurance Act. 1978)

We are ESI Consultants and at DSA HR Legal Consulting we provide following services in compliance to the provisions of Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948:

Services We Offer:

• We are ESI Consultants and at DSA HR Legal , we provide following services in compliance to the provisions of Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948:
• Employees’ State Insurance Compliances
• Obtaining ESI Registration
• Preparation & Submission of applicable declarations / forms;
• Registration of families under ESI Act;
• Reminders for timely payment of ESI Contribution to the credit of the employee’s account Preparing ESI Challans & Depositing ESI Contributions on behalf of the establishment;
• Intimating changes in members of the insured families;
• Preparation & filing of Periodical Returns as may be required under ESI Act / Rules;
• Preparation & Submission of Abstention Certification with appropriate ESI regional office;
• Preparation & Maintenance of Inspection Book, Accident Book, ESI 32;
• Preparation & Maintenance of Statutory Registers & Records as required under ESI Act / Rules;
• Furnishing of particulars of change in ownership / management of the establishment;

Support in ESI Compliances:-

• Providing day to day consultancy on matters pertaining to ESI Act;
• Handling accidental claims under ESI Act;
• Assistance to employees in claiming various ESI benefits;
• Assistance in preparation & submission of Certificate of Contribution whenever demanded by appropriate office under the ESI Act;
• Correspondence / Liaisoning with local ESI Department / Office
• Assistance at the time of inspection / search / enquiries conducted under ESI Act;

Legal Support:

• Replying / Satisfying Show Cause Notices issued under the ESI Act;
• Replying / Satisfying Demand Notices (Ad-hoc / Final) issued under ESI Act
• Appearing before the concerned authorities on behalf of the establishments in show-cause / adjudication proceedings under the ESI Act;
• Defending Prosecution Proceedings against the Management under the ESI Act;
• Defending proceedings against the establishment before Employees’ State Insurance Courts.



  • Central Excise and Service Tax
  • District Industries Center (DIC) registration
  • All types of e-filing and e-returns.

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